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Stained Glass
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Stained Glass

Stained Glass

This is the story of an 18 year old boy who inherits a van and goes for a drive. He decides to follow his whims and enjoys the adventures that come when there is no plan. He meets many, many unique characters along the way and enjoys just as many new experiences. It is a great story of freedom and a carefree lifestyle.

The book is based largely on the experiences that Joel had during five years of hitchhiking North America. I'm realizing now, that a summary of the adventures can't do the book proper justice. We sat and fought about every scenario and after two years of squabbling, we finished 'penning' a story that is soulful and spirited.

I'm a fan of saying: "He told the story. We argued about it. I wrote the book." It was Joel's project and vision right from the start and when it was done being written he spent the next year and a half building a piece of art. This is the book that belongs on your coffee table.

Author - Michael Harper

I consider myself (and always will) to be a small town boy. Playing hockey and drinking beer was the order of the day, and it made for an entirely colourful existence. A raging case of Multiple Sclerosis has taken me out of the game, but life has left me left me with an abundance of material to choose from. I type with one finger and one eye and although it’s difficult, an ability to write has put me at a keyboard relieving a crushing boredom. A solid understanding of the English language has at least given me something to do. I always liked to write and even remember being mad that there weren’t more essay questions on the exams that I’ve had to write.

My greatest love is for my eleven year old daughter, Kathleen. She is most definitely daddy’s girl and every move I make is done with her in mind.

I met Joel in the summer of '08. He worked as my attendant for a brief time, before we began writing, and we struck up a friendship almost immediately. I can honestly say that I wasn't really into writing more (I was already two years into my second book), but Joel was pretty adamant that he had a story to tell. He wasn't wrong. After the first chapter, it was obvious that there was something there. We put the pieces in place (I couldn't type, he could. He couldn't write, I could) and together we wrote this book.

We sat beside each other for the next two years and squabbled. If I could walk, we would have punched each other out twice a week. It was how we worked and as they say 'the proof is in the pudding'.